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12 July 2019 by

11,000 candidates from 205 schools took part in the Year 10 Physics Challenge last month. Competitors sat two 25 minute, 30 mark multiple choice tests and the overall average for all students on both papers was 33/60, the average for Tiffin students was 41.5/60.


The aim of the competition is to encourage students in their study of Physics. It is not about practising past sets of questions and short term preparation to get a top mark. Success is achieved by longer term preparation, doing questions regularly at home and at school which stretch and challenge thinking and raise aspirations. It should also be noted that the content of the tests is designed to fit where the organisers believe schools will be in their study of GCSE Physics, but each school will teach the syllabus in a different way and there were a number of questions this year on topics that our Year 10 students have not yet studied.  As a result, all those who sat this Challenge should be praised for their participation and effort. Nationally, only the top 40% of candidates received a certificate of any colour, and only the top 10% received a Gold; nevertheless Tiffin achieved 7 bronze, 10 silver and 7 gold certificates from the 29 boys who took part. The gold winners are listed below, but particular congratulations must go to Oliver Tang in Year 10 who achieved the highest mark of the Tiffin students (53/60), and was in the top 100 nationally.